About Simply Queen

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Sherell, the Seamstress

About Me

Simply Queen by Sherell, is a custom dressmaker/seamstress!  Sherell, owner of Simply Queen by Sherell, LLC trading as Simply Queen, learned how to sew at a very young age.  Sherell has fond memories of hanging out in her mom's sewing room at around age 7.  Sherell recalls watching her mom sew and soaking in all of the lessons like a sponge.  Sewing has always been apart of Sherell's life but, it was in 2017 that Sherell first gave thought to birthing Simply Queen by Sherell.  In 2018, Sherell put her plans in motion and began the process of branding Simply Queen by Sherell into what it is today!   

A Simply Queen custom make.


Custom Dressmaking

Our custom made garments are specific to your body measurements and style.  Here's the inside scoop on how to request Simply Queen's custom dressmaking services:

Decide what you would like to have custom made.  You may wish to visit Pinterest.com for inspiration. 

Next, visit our Dressmaking Shop and decide what you'd like to have made. Once you have made a decision, click on the Contact Us tab and send us a request for a consultation to discuss your order.    

After the consultation, Simply Queen will instruct you which option(s) to add to your shopping cart for your custom dressmaking order.   


Upon receipt of payment, to custom dressmaking process will start.   

(Top Photo: Sherell pictured in Traditional African Headdress

Left Photo: Sherell pictured in a Simply Queen custom make made with Ankara fabric.)


In Loving Memory

My heart aches everyday DAD.  I miss you more than any combination of words could ever express.   You taught me how to love, work hard and always believe in the impossible.  It is because of you, that I believed, I could be anything that I wanted to be.  It is because of you that I dared to give birth to Simply Queen and it will be in remembrance of you, that I press forward with my dream, Simply Queen.  I love you DAD, your one and only daughter.

Dance with My Father